• Connect

    • View profiles & request to connect with channels
    • Exchange supply contract and purchase orders
    • Access channels with significant traffic/members
  • Promote/Sell

    • Upload & manage product information & images
    • Push deals/products to channel dashboards
    • Manage special deals with time limits
  • Dashboard

    • Manage requests, reservations & sales
    • Manage agenda, contacts & messages
    • Measure success with clear-cut analytics
  • Dashboard

  • Calendar

  • Product view

  • Reservation

As a supplier you're constantly looking for ways to expand your distribution channel(s). A recent trend emerging in the digital arena is the use of non-retail channels to push products through to the end-user (consumer). The advantage of these alternative channels is that they have significant traffic/visitors and large customer databases. In the two pilots we’ve run, the channels have surpassed the number of units sold in comparison to regular retail channels.

Unfortunately alternative sales channels are fragmented across various industries, they’re often not inclined to deal with sales/distribution managers (it’s just not their core business) and they generally don’t speak the wholesale/retail jargon. The product2channel platform is a simple tool you can you use to easily target and manage alternative retail channels.

It's already enabling suppliers to connect and trade with the channels we’ve listed below. If you would like more information contact us, if you would like to start using our platform immediately then you can register for free here.

Channel reach / promo tools

Channel Info Reach Available Promotional Tools
Channel name Website Online reach Offline reach Online subscribers Print advertising Email advertising Banner advertising
TMG 0 0 0
De Telegraaf webshop.telegraaf.nl 2.038.000 1.961.000 600.000
Groupdeal groupdeal.nl 900.000 --- 600.000
Spits webshop.telegraaf.nl --- 1.288.000 ---
Metro webshop.telegraaf.nl --- 1.481.000 ---
Reed Business Media 0 0 0
Elsevier elsevierexclusief.nl 1.437.492 751.200 129.000
Landleven 78.000 584.000 97.000