About P2C

Our roots...

Our roots lie in e-commerce and a little over a year ago we recognized an opportunity to expand the boundaries in which e-commerce currently presides. There are two parties for whom e-commerce has huge potential if they start working together.

1) Suppliers need to expand distribution, to non-retail channels, but it’s complicated. Alternative sales channels are fragmented across various industries and they generally don’t speak the wholesale/retail jargon.

2) Channels that have significant traffic or a large customer base are always on the lookout for new/additional revenue streams. E-commerce is extremely interesting, however product sourcing is a competency that’s not usually part of their core business.

We built a platform on the basis of tackling these two fundamental issues. It solves the supplier’s need to easily target and manage alternative retail channels and the channels demand for an extremely intuitive and efficient purchasing process.

To lay foundation to the validity of our business case we started a pilot with the two largest publishers in the Netherlands – TMG and Reed Business Media. The business metrics are above par and we’ve now launched a beta version of the platform for other parties to use.


The Product2channel platform…

Product2channel is a wholesale platform with a supplier/product directory but built on the principles of an e-commerce platform. It also has social community features enabling two parties such as, suppliers and channels to connect and trade with each other using simple and intuitive tools. Putting all this stuff together on one platform means we can offer seamless integrating. For instance, suppliers can use product feed technology to upload product info and channels to download it. Taking it a step further the platform is able to push order data to suppliers for drop shipments and send track and trace info back to the e-commerce site.


"P2C has specifically been built to help suppliers connect with non-retail channels and help these channels effortlessly source products for their e-commerce and loyalty initiatives". (Michel Meijerink, managing director)

Product2channel is already helping big-name suppliers to shift their products to the consumer via non-retail channels. And, it's helping these alternative channels to effortlessly source products for their e-commerce and loyalty initiatives.

If you're a supplier interested in expanding your distribution to non-retail channels, or a channel with significant traffic and/or a large customer database looking for additional revenue streams, contact us for more information