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    • Request, reserve, manage and purchase products
    • Download or sync e-commerce product data
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    • Measure success with clear-cut analytics
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Are you a publisher, a loyalty club, a deal site? Does your site generate a considerable amount of traffic; do you have a sizeable subscriber or customer database? Then we would like to introduce you to Product2channel.

Over the past year we’ve run a pilot with two of the largest publishers in the Netherlands. These publishers have launched web shops on which they run daily and/or weakly product promotions. In order to drive traffic to their web shops they use a number of their own communication tools (banners, newsletters, print advertising). E-commerce is a means for both parties to generate alternative revenue streams, however product sourcing is not part of their core business. Product2channel has been fundamental in helping these channels to effortlessly source products for their web shops; it’s extremely intuitive and efficient and significantly reduces the cost and time spent sourcing products and publishing product information, specifications and pictures.

An example of some of the suppliers already using P2C to push their products through alternative channels to the consumer is listed below. If you’re interested in what Product2channel can do for you and would like more information contact us, if you would like to start using our platform immediately then you can register for free here

Some of our Suppliers


  • BBC
  • Belkin
  • Beurer
  • Boretti


  • Dutch filmworks
  • Dyson


  • Gaastra


  • Hugo Boss


  • Joseph Joseph


  • Kärcher


  • LG


  • Magimix
  • Medisana
  • Moleskine


  • Philips


  • Solis


  • Tenson


  • Wedgwood