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The Telegraaf Media Groep N.V. (TMG) (Euronext: TMG) is a Dutch media and publishing company, mostly active on the daily newspapers and magazines market, but also on the Internet. De Telegraaf, is its flagship publication and the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper, with a daily circulation of 582.582, reaching 1.961.000 people. Over 5 years ago was launched. The Telegraaf Web shop offers sharp deals on Books, DVD’s, Electronics, Fashion, Jewelry, Healthcare Products and more…with DISCOUNTS on RRP that go up to 70%.

Product2channel was launched as a pilot after TMG approached us regarding building a tool that would help optimize their product sourcing process for De Telegraaf web shop. The briefing stipulated a “one-stop” interface in which;

1) new deals could be presented to their buyers cutting the sourcing time in half

2) all suppliers would have to use a unified system to present their products optimizing the product information gathering process

3) all product information incl. specifications, pictures, video’s and logistics info (weight, dimensions, EAN, SKU) would automatically flow through their work process to the e-commerce platform

De Telegraaf web shop has been using the P2C platform for more than a year and it has helped them to consolidate the paper trail and cut time and costs related to sourcing more than 300 000 products a year for their daily/weakly deals.

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